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Your next level small business is closer than you think!

STOP DIY-ing your business and leave that for the arts-’n-crafts decor in your office because we don’t play games in this club.  We level-up our businesses with high-level video trainings, master coaching sessions and a heck of a lot of resources to help you run a REAL business.

Stop Searching, Start Doing!

Grab your coffee, tea, whiskey (whatever perks you up) and let’s make building your business a breeze! This exclusive club has all the answers you’ve been spending hours searching for on Google and DIY-ing this whole time. Fear not, there’s no hair pulling or headaches involved here. It’s all simple tools, easy-to-follow tutorials and a whole lotta fun!

Does Business Stress You Out?

Is Your New Business Not Running The Way You’d Imagined?


OH MY GOSH, you’re not alone! I see how frustrated you are; trying to be the Jill-Of-All-Trades, bustin’ your butt and hustling every day and night to be the best at everything in your business. It’s time to STOP the information overload and START focusing your attention in a place where we keep trainings consistent and get specific on what you need clarity on. Let me ask you…


Are you frustrated or feel like a failure because your business isn’t moving as fast as you’d hoped?


Are you afraid to ask for help because you feel like you should be able to figure it all out yourself?


Are you overwhelmed with all of the info online and throwing spaghetti at the wall without a real, strategic action plan?


Are you scared that the online space is oversaturated and feel like you’ll never reach your financial goals?


Are you wondering how to make a lot of money in less time than it takes to get promoted at your 9-5?


Are you passionate about your business and feel like superwoman until you get burnt out?


Are you tired of DIY-ing everything in your business and want solid How-To trainings to take the guesswork out of your backend?

Hold your horses because I’ve got the remedy for YOU!

Welcome to the

Accelerate Today Club

Everything you need to accelerate your small business is inside our cool members club! Check out the awesome things you get when you become a member of our fancy insider’s membership!

Master Trainings

Learn the nitty-gritty parts of your biz with monthly easy-to-digest How-To trainings

Access to High End Coaching

Take “Active Action” to see massive results in your biz with expert advice from Danielle

Guest Experts

Soak in the knowledge from our Guest Experts throughout the year

Weekly Q & A

No stupid questions here! This is a safe & comfortable space for all skill levels to ask me anything

Biz & Tech Topics

Each training covers all topics on business and technology to help you understand the ins-and-outs of your backend

Tons of Freebies!

Expand your knowledge with our fabulous freebies you can collect & implement into your biz right away

Yes! This is me!

Are You The Perfect Fit For The Club?


Are you ready to commit to learning & applying your knowledge to see amazing results?


Do you desire access to resourceful content taught by an expert with a lifetime of experience?


Are you an independent, small online business owner who wants to feel seen. heard, valued, & confident with the work you do?


Do you want to turn your side-gig hobby into a booming business that impacts others (and your bank account)?


Are you willing to learn the unsexy strategies and execute them to move the needle forward & reach your goals?

New businesses that scale the right way grow 29x faster than those that scale too early


Startups fail because they lack need in the market


Entrepreneurs use SMART goals to 10x their results


Fortune 500 companies started up during a recession

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” – John Rohn

Raving Fans!

What others are saying

We’re obsessed with our members’ wins! These are the real heroes!


I’m Danielle!

I’m your fun-loving coach who’s ready to serve you high-energy action, high-level coaching, and higher profits!!

I help female entrepreneurs who are frustrated with failure – Whether it’s a new business trying to get off the ground or one that’s been around but hasn’t been able to scale – overcome the challenges in your business with ridiculously easy trainings to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to level up without growing another grey hair!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your business won’t be either. But who am I to tell you this?

For 20 some odd years, I’ve lived and breathed leadership, marketing development, technology and the importance of building a business that AVOIDS the frustration and failures. To put it eloquently, I’m a master at creating easy and engaging trainings to help entrepreneurs like you level up your business without breaking a sweat in the process.

I’ve helped well-known companies develop strategies that have helped them save MILLIONS and now, they loved it so much they decided to share my success map with other companies.

I give my own unique flair to my trainings and at the end of the day I want to see you WIN! *Cheers to you*

I believe in taking Active Action to accelerate your business and that’s why I created the Accelerate Today Club!

Take Active Action

Take “Active Action” To Level Up Your Biz

What the heck is “Active Action” you ask? It’s my life & business motto! Taking “Active Action” means being intentional and taking strategic, targeted action to level up your business. Active Action = Profit. Taking messy action without a plan or real goal will only get you nowhere.

Did you know: Only 8% of small businesses will take directed action to make an impact and profit!? Wowza, that means everyone else is doing whatever they like without seeing results.

There’s no time like the present to start a thriving online business to support yourself during uncertain times (Plus it’s a lot of fun, too, when it’s done right!)


Start taking strategic, targeted, & intentional Active Action


Find the confidence to gain momentum in your business


Listen to real advice & answers without the fluff


Quickly learn how to navigate the hardest parts of your biz and apply your knowledge with easy, actionable steps


Transform your business with 1:1 and group accountability


Pop the champagne and celebrate your wins with a fun group of entrepreneurs like you!

Our welcoming community supports people like themcommitted, dedicated, and fabulous ladies ready to conquer the world!

Why Join This Snazzy Business Club?

When you mix determined women full of grit, passion and goal digger personalities, you create a deliciously thriving business with people who “get it.”

Hey girl, listen,I totally get it! Starting a business is a rough ride. There’s a bazillion moving parts, you’ve read information from every website you can find and downloaded tons of freebies from a bunch of different people to only see, well, let’s face it, no results.

I know you’re capable of learning anything. I know you want to ask questions to understand the behind-the-scenes work. I know you want to make the cash flow happen to spoil your family. I also know how much community means to you and that’s why I designed The Accelerate Today Club.

This is your home where you’ll feel seen and heard. No judgments! This is your safe space where you have access to mind-blowingly easy-to-digest content to help you accelerate your business without the headache.

We all make mistakes and fail. This club doesn’t let that happen.

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” – John Rohn

All The Goodies You Get In The Accelerate Today Club

There’s nothing better than being a part of a VIP club where you can ask any questions, be held accountable, and have fun building your business!

A Welcoming & Supportive Group of entrepreneurs you can learn from and celebrate your wins with (We’re all in this together)


Q&A Sessions where we cover all of your burning questions (Don’t be shy, ask away)


Valuable Video Content perfect for the verbal and visual learners where we cover all topics business and tech


High-Touch Trainings where you’ll learn step-by-step how to set up every part of your business


Access to actionable freebies you’ll fall in love with and forever use in your business


What our Members Say!

From Our Members

Our savvy biz members spill the tea on their experience training & working with Danielle!

“I caught your last training… I’ve been putting things on hold but your msg of money likes speed, I was like, OK let’s do it – Thanks Danielle! ”

Nathalie S

Marketing Coach

“I love how simple you make everything.  Even for the most complex topics, you break it down visually, audible, and with homework. I love it!.”

Kelly F

Health + Wellness Coach, Kelly Fennelly Fitness

“Your trainings are always straight to the point with direct “how-to’s. I learn so much, every time I rewatch them!”

Karen R

Owner, Fave Lifestyles

“Your training was easy to follow Danielle LaFleur. You make it so clear and understandable!!”
Elisa H

Organizational Coach, Calming Your Chaos


Accelerate Today Club

The Monthly Membership is equivalent to a Starbucks coffee… Except this latte is worth a lifetime of delicious value 😉

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Be Strategic

Take Active Action & Level Up Your Biz With Epic Trainings

Come on now, you don’t want to take advice from someone who hasn’t been there, done that, do you? Of course not!

I love getting into the meat and potatoes of business because, well, you need to know the answers from someone who has been around the block a few times over and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll learn how to take care of your business’s financials, human resources, technology, social media and more

You’ll learn how to face challenges like working in a business during a recession and many more

You’ll learn how to take information, make a simple solution and take action to execute quickly without pulling your hair out

The worst part about running an online business is doing it alone. Why do that when you have a family here to help you? Hey, we’ve got pie! 😉

Take Action + Level Up


1.  How long will I have access to The Accelerate Today Club?
As long as you’re keeping up with the SMALL (almost non-existent) monthly payments, you get all the access!

2. How much access do I get with Danielle?
I’m all ears. You have unlimited access through the group Monday through Friday. I encourage you to try to find the answer in the group first or post an interactive video in the group and ask your question so everyone can listen and learn. .

3. What if I miss the LIVE training?
The LIVE trainings will be saved in the group so you don’t miss the goodies and can replay them as many times as you’d like!

Listen, if you already knew how to do it all, you would’ve done it. But you kept reading and made it all the way down here and that tells me something struck a chord with you. What’s stopping you from joining the club, girlfriend?

Join the Accelerate Today Club!